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Silaprene® Adhesive / Sealant

Recognized by many as "North America's Premier adhesive sealant," Silaprene® Adhesive/Sealant is an exceptional on-part product that combines ease of application, versatility of use, high ultimate strength, permanent bonds and long service life.

Silaprene® Adhesive/Sealant bonds a multitude of materials. It will bond wood, rubber, concrete, masonry, glass, fiberglass and FRP, as well as all kinds of metals and plastics.

Silaprene® Adhesive/Sealant provides excellent early strength and gets stronger with age while remaining permanently resilient to resist vibration and stress caused by thermal cycling.

Silaprene® Adhesive/Sealant is fast drying, comes in several colors and is paintable.

Typical applications for Silaprene® Adhesive/Sealant include waterproofing and dust proofing of lap seams in construction and repair of trucks, buses, and trains. It can be used to bond aluminum patches to repair punctures in trailer body panels, providing a waterproof seal that cannot be achieved with rivets alone.

Silaprene©  Adhesive/Sealant will eliminate "roof rumble" associated with metal roofs used in mobile/manufactured housing. Silaprene® Adhesive/Sealant can be used in auto body repair shops for securing deck lid skin to frame support; sealing deck floor pan seams; quarter panel seams; pickup body seams and sealing step bumper diamond plates to body seams.

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