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Replacement Parts for US Truck

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Part Number   


037xgo10 Drill Bit #10
037xgo12 Drill Bit 1/2
04300774 Bottom Rail
04300774FT Bottom Rail (per foot)
04300774.50Rnd Bottom Rub Rail 1/2 Round
04300774.50ft Bottom Rub Rail 1/2 Round (per foot)
043003537 Connector (Radius Panel/Alum Bulkhead Panel)
04300551 Corner Cap L/F
04300550R Corner Cap L/F or R/F (Rounded Corner Post/Square Roof)
04300590Sq Corner Cap L/R or R/R (Square Corner Post/Square Roof)
04300552 Corner Cap R/F (Rounded Radius Panel)
04300450 Corner Post Front (Rounded Corner Post)
04300450Sq Corner Post Front (Square Corner Post)
043002901 Corner Post Rear Steel
04300276 Hat Post 1 1/2 x 100 inch
043013901 Header Rear Steel
04300153 Radius Panel
043006003/892 Roof Bow Intermediate 1 3/8 x 92 inch
04300680 Roof Bow Starter
04303300 Side Door Post
043007730 Top Rail (Connects Side Panel to Cove)
04300773Ft Top Rail (per foot)
04300873 Top Rail Alum Body Cove (Connects Top Rail to Roof)
04300873Ft Top Rail Alum Body Cove (per foot)
04300893 Top Rail Alum Body Rear (Connects Rear Header to Roof)
04300275 Z Post Intermediate
04300285 Z Post Starter

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