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Replacement Parts for Continental Bodies

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Part Number   


037xgo10 Drill Bit #10
037xgo12 Drill Bit 1/2
00600774 Bottom Rail
00600774FT Bottom Rail (per foot)
00600551 Corner Cap L/F
00600552 Corner Cap R/F
006005033 Corner Cap Rounded- Flat Roof Refer
00600450D Corner Post Diamond Plate
00600490D Corner Post Rear Diamond Plate 4x3
00600753 Drip Rail (per foot)
006001530 Radius Panel
00601393D Read Header Diamond Plate
006013901 Rear Header Steel (inner)
00600600T Roof Bow for Trans. Roof
00600680 Roof Bow Starter
0060060092 Roof Bow Steel - 92
006002700 Side Post
006006801 Starter Post Corner Post to Alum Panel
00600773 Top Rail
00600773Ft Top Rail (per foot)

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