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Part Number   


038036H411KB Cam-type Recessed Lock Bottom Keeper
038036H411KU Cam-type Recessed Lock Upper Keeper
038P0022 Aluminum Louver
038P0020 Aluminum Ventilator Ass'y
038033P1057 Cam Action 157 Side Door Lock "W/O Pole"
038033P158 Cam Lock 158 Complete " W/O Pole"
038033T158-102 Cam Lock 158 Hasp Assembly 1" Wide
038P158203 Cam Lock 158 Keeper Bottom
038P158202 Cam Lock 158 Keeper Upper
038P158206 Cam Lock 158 Lug Bottom
038P158207 Cam Lock 158 Lug Upper
038033P172 Cam Lock 172 Complete with pole.
038033P172203 Cam Lock 172/173 Bracket End
038033P172101 Cam Lock 172/173 Handle
038033P172209 Cam Lock 172/173 Hasp
038033P172148 Cam Lock 172/173 Hasp Swinging
038033P172201 Cam Lock 172/173 Keeper
038033P172210 Cam Lock 172/173 Lug Btm.
038033P172214 Cam Lock 172/173 Lug Long Btm.
038033P172213 Cam Lock 172/173 Lug Long Top
038033P172202 Cam Lock 172/173 Lug Top
038033P17296 Cam Lock 172/173 Rod 96"
038033P173103 Cam Lock 173 Center Bracket Assembly
038033P173 Cam Lock 173 Complete
038033P258307 Cam Lock 258 Alum Handle Bracket
038033P258100 Cam Lock 258 Handle & Lug
038033P258101 Cam Lock 258 Hasp & Handle Keeper
038033P258201 Cam Lock 258 Keeper (Wide)
038033P258220 Cam Lock 258 Keeper Lower (Narrow)
038033P258222 Cam Lock 258 Keeper Upper (Narrow)
038033P258210 Cam Lock 258 Lug Lower
038033P258202 Cam Lock 258 Lug Upper
038033P258002 Cam Lock 258 with narrow Keepers "W/O Pole"
038033P258001 Cam Lock 258 Wide Keeper "
038P0558103 Cam Lock Anti Rack Kit R/H
038033T750223 Cam Lock Rod Guide Offset
038033P565067 Cam Lock Rod Guide Straight
038033T75031 Cam Lock Third-Point Keeper 2-5/8" High.
038033T75021 Cam Stamped Steel Keeper

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