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Part Number   


038033P7011CS Dead Bolt Centercase Only W/Inside Handle
038T56118225L Dead Bolt Lock W/Rod-L/S
038T56118225R Dead Bolt Lock W/Rod-R/S
038P6011103 Deadbolt Rod guide W/Anti-Rattle Spring
038P6011001 Deadbolt Two Point Rod Lock
038033T613 Door Bumper 1" Height x 2.5" in Diameter 3/8" hole
038033T614 Door Bumper 1" Height x 1" Diameter 1/4" Hole
038033T620 Door Bumper Mini 1" W z 9/16" H x 17/32" Hole W/ Steel Washer
038033P0009 Door Holder 4" Hook
038033P0008 Door Holder 6' Hook
038033N2100050 Door Holder Chain And Snap
038033T777 Door Holder Kit PUL-OFF W/Tappwd Hole
038033P552 Door Holder Link Type 2" Link Complete
038033P554 Door Holder Link Type 4" Link Complete
038033P62 Door Holder silent 1 3/4 Plunger
038033T64 Door Holder Silent 2 1/4 Plunger
038033P66 Door Holder Silent Socket with Rubber insert.
038T371028450 Drawer Latch, Flexible Rubber Handle & Steel Keeper Bracket
038P5111501 Flush Paddle Cylinder & Key Only Standard Lock
038P5100 Flush Paddle Handle Latch Single Point No Lock
038P5110 Flush Paddle Handle Latch Single Point W/Lock
038P5410 Flush Paddle Handle Two Point Latch W/Key
038P5410H Flush Paddle Two Point Latch W/key (Hnd. Only)
038P900 Folding Step for Reefer Corner Post
001TH3002 Gas Flange Polished
038033F0463 Gasket Reefer Door 1/2 Sponge Core
038P817 Grab Handle 10.5
038P612 Grab Handle 18" Long
038P0636 Grab Handle 36" Long
038P378 Handle 'L' Non-Locking 360 Rotation 5/16" Shank
038034P375 Handle 90d Chrome Lever W/Lock 5/16 Shank
038034K40013/8 Handle Ext. W/Key 3/8 Shank
038034K40015/16 Handle Ext. W/Key 5/16 Shank
038034K4168-P-16 Handle W/Key 5/16 Shank 3.75 Long
038034K4003 Handle Without Cylinder 3/8 Shank

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