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Replacement Parts for Supreme Bodies - page 3

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Part Number   


036S04911/ASL Compartment Lock Complete
03600350 Connector Post Front
03600551 Corner Cap L/F
03600552 Corner Cap R/F
036005907 Corner Cap Rear Alum Body
036005908 Corner Cap Rear FRP Body
036004506 Corner Post 12 1/4" x 100 3/8" Long
036013942 Drip Rail Stainless Steel
036008707 Foot of Cove (two Piece Top Rail) Alum Body
03600754004 Front Radius Rub Rail x 11 7/8" Bottom of Corner Post
0360219.75x77.375 Front Skirt 9 3/4 x 88 3/8"
036022210 Gusset L/S Cabover
036022220 Gusset R/S Cabover
036013907 Header Rear Alum (FRP Body)
0360192316g Hinge 12" Grey Strap Side Door
0360192316w Hinge 12" White Strap Side Door
036001536 Radius Panel 20 1/2 x 79 5/8
03600593 Supreme OEM Rear Corner Cap Refer Alum Body
036S006001 Spartan Rear Alum Corner Cap
03600600 Roof Bow
03601074Cla Roof Skin Clamp (per foot)
036007747FT Rub Rail Alum Body (per foot)
03600754Ft Rub Rail Front Rail (per foot)
036007748Ft Rub Rail FRP Body (per foot)
03600650 Starter Bow
036013931 Steel Rear Header
036007738Ft Top Rail FRP Body (per foot)
036009737 Universal Rail
03602053.1875 Wheel Well Trim x 53 3/16" Long
036025196.875 Z Post 96 7/8
0360217414.75x36.25 Rear Skirt 14 3/4 x 36 1/4

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